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Our market offering is a particularly important element. Our service descriptions presents a consistent picture of our firm in every market, giving people a clear and complete understanding of who we are and what we do.

Clients need to identify the services they require quickly and easily. Our market offering presents the services we offer, and the business experience and knowledge we have, in a simple way. It helps clients to understand the depth and breadth of what we offer, enabling them to select the capabilities they require from us.

A table of Global Services we offer;




Statutory Audit

Business Tax

Accounting Advisory Services

Internal Audit

Indirect Tax

Payroll Services

Pensions Fund Audit

Personal Tax

Regulatory & Compliance Services

Audit Related Services

Tax Planning

IFRS Conversion Services



IT & Business Advisory Services



Forensic and fraud investigation



Transaction and business valuation services

Audit Services

Audit services sit at the very heart of KWGH’s multidisciplinary offering to clients – and with today’s strict compliance requirements, businesses and investors expect more from their auditors than ever before, with CFOs eager to draw upon KWGH’s skills and technical expertise.

Statutory Audit services being one of KWGH’s largest lines of business, we are notable in the market place providing services to a large portfolio of multinational, national and public sector institutions. These services are provided to limited liability companies, partnerships, local authorities and sole proprietorship.  We also undertake internal control reviews that require as to assess the adequacy of instituted controls to efficiently and effectively achieve their set objectives.

Again we have over the years carried out various assignments including Sarbanes Oxley compliance, due diligence, financial reviews, information risk management services, systems implementation for companies operating in various sector of the Ghanaian economy.

At KWGH, audit means more than just statutory requirements. KWGH strives to add value by recognizing major issues affecting your business and providing fresh perspectives that improve your operations. KWGH goes well beyond the traditional checking and verification procedures. As the audit progresses, KWGH evolves and exchanges ideas with you to generate improvements in controls, procedures, and ultimately profitability. The audit process is grounded on a precise understanding of each client and the industry and environment in which they operate.

KWGH is able to deliver peace-of-mind audit services which, together with an excellent reputation for quality around the world, provide great potential for competitive success and growth.

KWGH has specialists in local financial reporting standards, IFRS and US GAAP, who are teaming to build consistency of service, using proven global methodologies and tools.

Looking beyond the traditional financial reporting function, KWGH is in an ideal position to identify major risks and opportunities in your business activities and strategy. With its in-depth industry knowledge, KWGH provides clients with value-added advisory services to complement its assurance offerings.

Among the services KWGH offers in addition to the statutory audits are:

  1. Special purpose and limited scope audits
  2. Reviews of engagements to provide comfort to lenders and shareholders
  3. Acquisition examinations and due diligence reviews


Tax Services

Almost every business decision has tax implications, yet what makes this area even more complex is that tax rules are constantly changing. Companies face a daunting task to manage their tax costs and obligations effectively, especially when dealing across borders. KWGH offers clients a broad range of fully integrated tax services. KWGH approach combines insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with business and industry knowledge to help your company excel globally.

Business/corporate tax
KWGH delivers a comprehensive, practical approach to tax planning that helps multinational businesses meet their worldwide tax and statutory responsibilities while identifying planning opportunities. Our services include tax compliance services, and tax advisory services.

Cross-border tax
KWGH professionals advise companies on a broad range of inbound and outbound tax issues, including structuring initial overseas investments, financing international operations, cross-border transactions, management of the global effective tax rate and business re-structuring.

International tax services; one of the biggest challenges for a multinational company today is effectively managing local and foreign taxes in a way that aligns with its overall business objectives and operations. KWGH’s innovative approach helps multinationals reduce taxes on earnings, enhance margins and grow their businesses.

Indirect tax
VAT and other similar taxes are broadly based on transactions, and liability will arise regardless of profitability. Failing to account for these taxes correctly can have a significant impact on business costs and cash flows. KWGH can help with timely planning that can help clients reduce costs, minimize risk and at the same time increase confidence that nothing has been missed.

Consulting Services

Our management consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, advanced analytics, mergers & acquisitions and sustainability across all industries and geographies. We help our clients to address the most complex and interesting opportunities that are imperative to business success.

The Payroll Service and Benefits

KWGH currently provides payroll services to a number of companies from various sectors of the market, using software specifically developed for that purpose. This software is supported and maintained by highly skilled consultants and programmers. 

The application can be modified to suit your company’s needs, as has been the case for many of the companies currently benefiting from the service. Features of the application include:

  1. Multiple user defined Tax Tables, a useful module to accommodate varying tax rates applicable to different earnings as well as future changes to tax;
  2. Endless user defined Earnings and Deductions, another feature of the software which enables users to incorporate up to about 20 different kinds of earnings/deductions as well as define whether an earning or deduction is taxable and or to be included in Social Security Contributions;
  3. Easy data entry and access to employee records;
  4. Predefined Reports as well as user definable reports;
  5. Loan management facility.

Various files (in soft copy) for accounting or banking purposes could also be generated.

Services generally provided under these arrangements, should we be contracted to execute all aspects of this service, are as follows:

  1. Submission of monthly payroll;
  2. Open a bank account into which payroll costs for each month would be lodged;
  3. Arrange direct transfers to the personal account of employees who have provided bank account details.
  4. Provide each employee with salary advice for each month;
  5. Submit to the Internal Revenue Service, income tax deductions due from all the employees for each month, together with a cheque in settlement of liabilities arising;
  6. Submit to Social Security and National Insurance Trust, the social security contributions for each month, together with a cheque in settlement of liabilities arising;
  7. Provide monthly reports of the payroll cost analysed into various cost centres as deemed appropriate for your business; and
  8. Filing annual returns for expatriate and management staff.

The payroll services can be offered in phases as follows:

  1. Expatriate and Management Staff;
  2. Senior Staff; and
  3. Junior Staff.


  1. Improved confidentiality;
  2. Savings in staff time and other related costs;
  3. To rid the company of the responsibility of dealing with the Internal Revenue Service on payroll related issues; and
  4. Provide management with departmental payroll cost at a glance.

IFRS Services

Recent development in worldwide financial transactions and the increasing integration of the world’s capital market have made the establishment of a single set of high quality accounting standards a matter of growing importance. Those needs have created a trend and need in many countries to adopt International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as a standard that has the potential to best provide the common platform on which companies can report and investors can compare financial information.

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