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KWGH has established presence as well as extensive experience in various industries in the Ghanaian economy. Notable among them are: -

Banking & Finance

First Liberty Microfinance Ltd
Dickmafle Money Lending Co. Ltd
Ashinenyo Microfinance Ltd
CIDAN Investments & Advisory Services Ltd
VERIT Investment Advisory Services Ltd
Regal Alliance Investments Ltd
Ashinenyo Microfinance Ltd
10th Capital Investments Ltd
Hakkore Investments Limited
The Kwaku Group

Collective Investment & Pensions Schemes

Stanbic Income Fund Trust
Stanbic Cash Trust
Meridian Port Services Provident Fund
Golden Star Resources Provident Fund
Gaede Fund
Boart Longyear Tier2&3 Pension Funds
Stanbic Bank Staff 3rd-Tier Pension Fund
UBA Tier2&3 Pension Funds
WAPCo Ghana Employee’s Tier 2 and 3 Pension Schemes
Bayport Employee Pension (Tier 2) Fund Scheme
Vlisco & TSG/PAT Pension Fund Scheme
Marina Personal Pension Scheme
Legacy Pension Plan Scheme
10th Capital Mutual Fund
Legacy Provident and Alternative Fund
Legacy Target Gold and General Life Fund

Services & Not for Profit

L’AÎNÉ Services Ltd
WomensTrust FNGO
Konrad Adenauer Foundation
Libertas Limited
AD-Precisions Ltd
Flex-Band Company Ltd ( Operators of Denyigba Radio)
Lexville Consulting Ltd
Eli Eli Services Limited
Brown Baptist Church
ZAD International Academy
Legacy Girls' College
Gaede Fund
M & J Audit Solutions Ltd
Djondo Fellowship

Mining & Manufacturing

Golden Star Resources Ltd
CBM Surveys Limited
Duo Africa Ltd
Neuce Ghana Paints Industry Ltd
Viva and Co Ghana Limited

Logistics & Commerce

Imago Logistics
Aquashield Oil and Marine Services Limited
Direct Sales
Lagoon View Enterprise
Helwin Services Ltd
Pazag Global Shipping Co. Ltd
FD Supply Ltd
Bisjoy Limited
MA Saison Limited
Pedigreen Ltd

ICT & Telecommunication

Speed Technologies Ltd
Millicom Ghana Limited (operators of tiGO)
SG Ghana Limited
ProSoft Business Solutions Ltd
Winjob Ghana Limited
iGLOBAL Company Ltd
Environmental Technology Group Ltd

Construction & Real Estate

Kumasi Managemnt Services
JJS Properties Limited
Westport Properties Ghana Ltd
Balgajors Company Ltd
Mustapha Plus Ltd


East Gate Hotel Limited
CITYZE Company Ltd
Koffee Lounge Limited



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